Biographical Notice

When I was a student and came home in the weekends, I started to paint
at night in my father's studio, learning by trying out things, and when I
finished my studies I decided to make painting a fulltime occupation. All
this has taken quite some time; and now, I have built this website as a
means of looking for a congenial place to exhibit my paintings.


Many layers of oil paint, applied ever thinner, can give a painting micro-
scopic detail, endless color gradation and amazing light effects: the thin-
nest, whitish top layers that are almost invisible by daylight can produce a
completely different painting under artificial lighting, and a large painting
made in this way can light up a room.
Layers of paint also produce a relief which adds to the light effect, and
when the composition is taking shape, I enhance this aspect by first building
up the foreground forms in primer, to give them body. Oilpaint which is
being applied in layers can also be kneaded and manipulated with the fingers;
an example of this technique is my painting "Castle in the Clouds".
So far, I didn't use computers or technical gimmicks in making my paintings.
Tracing slides can be a help in composing a picture, but often the telltale
photographic deformations cost more time to put right than making an original
design; my best-loved way of fixing forms is by using cutout pieces of paper
and cardboard.

Paintings and Pictures

The light effect of a carefully constructed painting can sometimes be glimpsed
in a very good slide, but when scanned and viewed in a small format, all fine
detail gets lost, and, in the case of my paintings, images remain that could just
as well have been made in another way, using photographic techniques, elec-
tronic imaging etc. When seen in reality, the paintings don't convey that im-
pression; photographs don't look like that.


My paintings can be best described as landscapes of the mind, inner land-
scapes. In the process of making a painting, a number of ideas have to occur at
the right moment: I think a painting should be inevitable, rather than sur-
prising. Apart from the image, I want a painting to look good in different
lighting situations, and catch the light in an interesting way through the use of
relief, different kinds of paint etc.


New Paintings
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