Adriaan Brolsma - The Bubbly Monster - Oilpainting On Board -
65 x 65 cm - 2007 (nr.71)


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This is a part of a series I've been planning, of mythological images, a cat-bible. It's painted on a heavy
framed panel, probably part of a child's bed. I found
two of these in the street, and later also a third one which
 has a slightly
different form, so that it could serve as the middle part of a triptych. The panels had such a
 smooth, slippery surface that I had to use a weird
technique to get any paint to stick to it at all. When it was
 covered in paint
I let it dry and when I looked at it again, in the differently colored clouds I suddenly saw the
 exact painting I was going to make, all I needed to do
was fill in the details.