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Old Mannequins

Most of the old mannequins on the photos have been compiled from parts bought at the flea-
market, and sometimes I took them apart again when I saw the possibility of a better combi-
nation. I tried out different ways of painting the clothes in such a way that the effect would
be more "statuesque" than mannequin-like. That's why the same mannequins may look so
different in these photos.
Until the sixties a wide variety of materials was used: papier maché, wood, "composition",
plaster, wax, rubber... and I'd like to make figures built that way more beautiful than they've
ever been; with plastic figures, especially when they are cheap and unattractive, I have the
urge to use them as a canvas, paint over them and make something new out of them.
See for yourself and watch the slideshow.

A. Brolsma                                                                                              Utrecht, jan. 2008

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